The Hidden Secret of Clutter Bounce

Read Time: 3-4 Minutes


Imagine that you just cleaned and styled the most fabulous room.  You stand back in awe of your genius work.  You carefully snap a photo and share it with your closest friends (or social media, your call).  You turn around and, WHAM!  It’s a ridiculous mess. You think to yourself,”What happened?”

Congratulations, you’ve experienced #clutterbounce.  What is clutter bounce?  It’s a phrase I use to describe what happens when you clean and clear one room and somehow, you’re not quite finished and the remnants of that clutter appear in another room.  If there were a top ten list of annoying things you encounter when you clean and declutter a space, this would hover around the #2 or #3 spot.  It appears to be perfection that is eluding you.  However, that’s not the case at all.  There is just some organizational work that needs to be done.

Whether you are new to re-tuning how you function in your home, chose to clear messes due to friends or a hot date coming to your place, #clutterbounce can happen to anyone.

Everything on this planet has a vibration.  Your clutter has a vibration as well.  In order to live an optimal life, understanding how you function in your home makes managing your stuff easy because you understand where it belongs based on your lifestyle. Getting rid of excess stuff which is actually older, stagnant energy is critical because it brings no positive life into your environment.  If you think of old stuff as stale, moldy bread, you know that you would not keep something like this because it’s useful life has since past.

In the case of #clutterbounce, the solution can be one of three things. They are items that:

  1. You are going to sell, or
  2. You are going to donate or toss into the garbage (which you need to do asap), or
  3. Items that still have a useful life in the most functional way possible but have yet to be organized.

The items you are going to sell should be placed on one spot.  Give yourself a short, but realistic timeline to sell these items.  As the timeline gets closer, drop the price.  If you cannot sell these items within the timeline, donate them to a good cause.  Keeping them is not an option.  Your goal is to move this old energy out of your home.

There are items that are seldom used but are essential when they are needed.  These items include holiday decorations, a fancy mixer, baking pans, etc.  If you are content with their presence in your home, there needs to be some tweaking with how you store these items. This is the moment when you should carefully think about how you will store your items and how you will access them easily in your home.  Once you have determined a new place for these items, your home will function beautifully and you will be cured from #clutterbounce.

If you have questions, please ask in the comment below.  I’d be happy to help!

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