A Second Chance To Make A Great Impression

Read Time: 3-4 Minutes


A person’s wardrobe is a reflection of one’s image of him or herself.  What you’re wearing makes an impression on who you interact with at work, the grocery store, and in life.  For some, their closet may be a chronicle of their search to create an image they want to present to the world.

Everyone has clothing for specific purposes:

  • work
  • casual
  • other

Regardless of your budget, statistics show we wear the same seven outfits over and over again.  Instinctively, you’re wearing the most flattering ensembles that make you feel confident. This begs the question: why are you holding onto those other pieces that don’t make you feel awesome?  Most likely, you spent your hard earned money on them and don’t want to part with it.

However think of it this way,

“Would you keep spoiled food in your refrigerator indefinitely because you purchased it with your hard earned money? ”

Of course not.  So, why treat your closet like a refrigerator with rotten food that is changing color and growing fur? Regardless of your budget, there are very savvy ways you can fill the gaps in your wardrobe after your curate (love that word!) your clothing so you feel fabulous each and every time you walk out the door.

Before you buy one more article of clothing, unload every piece of clothing from your closet.  Be honest with yourself regarding your love or loathe relationship with your garments.  If it’s too tough to take this on solo, invite a friend who will support your mission and be supportive of your goal to keep your wardrobe neat, tidy and stylish.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I like this?
  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • What is the purpose of this item?
  • Would I wear it again?
  • Do I like the way this looks on me when I put it on?

Some items are formal and you would wear on occasion but other items such as shirts, pants, etc. should be carefully assessed before putting it back into your closet.  Decide whether it’s a keeper, donation or garbage item.  There should be a few ground rules:

  • Stained or torn should be thrown away. If they are ‘newly distressed’ jeans for example, then these would stay.
  • If it doesn’t fit, how small or big is it?
    • If it’s too small, have a heart to heart with yourself.  (I’ve been there are letting go of those ‘small’ jeans and replacing them with a pair that fits and looks great is a great confidence boost 😉 )
    • If it’s too big, donate it to someone who could benefit from this item. Maternity clothing can be saved if you are planning to have another child.
  • If you wore it in high school and just celebrated a reunion 5+ years later (and it’s not a souvenir of some kind), you need to let those things go.
  • If you have a professional job, your clothing needs to reflect your position and the image of the company you work for.
  • If it’s from and ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, it needs to go.
  • If you are truly unsure about a few items, give yourself a 72 hour window and then make a decision.

This is a ONE DAY project.  When you finish this process in one purge, the results are immediate and life changing.  Once you see some actual space in your closet, the space will make you feel like a millionaire.  You will see the clothing that you truly love out in the open.

Organize your clothing in a way that feels natural to you.  Group by purpose such as: work, casual, dressy and athletic.  Do what feels natural to you.  How you interact with your clothing is very personal.  Be honest with yourself.

Now that your closet is organized, you may find that you need to fill in a few gaps, or you have many duplicates of the same item.  Either way, you are one step closer to not over stuffing your closet and your garments have space to breathe.  And, you can be a little more creative now that you know what you own.  Ready. Set. Go.

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