Tidy Your Purse and Wallet

Read time: 4-5 minutes

Source: DSW.com


We all love looking though those websites and magazines with gorgeous rooms that always look perfectly organized.  There is nothing more breathtaking than a room that has fabulous furniture, curated artwork, and just the right amount of je ne sais quoi and part of us really wants that in our own homes.  Ironically, we can have that, IF we unload half of the stuff in our homes.

That is why we’re going to start small, a warm up of sorts to get us in the mode of getting rid of the things that we really don’t want or that is blocking our goals and dreams.  Grab your purse (or purses) and wallets and let’s get started.

It is important to really take hold of how you are transporting your money and essentials when you leave your home.  Nothing is more exciting that making a purchase no matter how small and being able to find the money you need to make the purchase.  You’re not digging though old receipts and coupons.  Your money is there, organized and cared for like the precious gems that they are. This task should take no more than 30 minutes if you are organizing multiple purses or bags.  As a side note, always buy a purse that has a zipper closures on the top.  It keeps your “money inside” and deters sticky fingers 😉

Here we go!  What you’ll need:

  1. Table – You’re going to want to spread out for this one.  I don’t like the idea of putting money on the floor so clear the table so you can sort your purse and wallet contents.  NEVER put your purse on the table.  You know where it’s been and you are going to want to start eating there once the space is clear.
  2. Envelope – This is for the receipts of items you may need to return.  You’ll want full credit for the item so keep these stored in an envelope.
  3. Trash bag #1 – This is for the receipts that you will shred with identifying information.
  4. Trash back #2 – This is for garbage such as wrappers, old coupons (that do not need to be shredded) and other junk you may find.
  5. Entertainment – Play your favorite tune or TV show in the background.  This can help when you start clearing the clutter.

Okay, take everything out of your wallet.  Sort it into categories:

  1. Bills – Sort in order from smallest to largest and place them back into your wallet.  Always keep money in your wallet untouched for emergencies.
  2. Change – Keep a small amount of change for purchases that require coins.  Find a jar or container if you have a lot of change.  Take this to the bank (or ask the bank for coin wrappers on another day) so you can have this changed into bills.
  3. Gift Cards – See if they are expired.  If not, spend them.  If you save them for too long, they may not have any value.
  4. Receipts – Place receipts for returns in the envelope. Label the envelope “RECEIPTS” and write a time frame for the purchases.  Keep these in a safe spot.
  5. Other – Shred the other receipts and coupons if they are expired.

Okay, now take out the contents of your purse.  Sort this into categories as well.

  1. Bills – Place them in your wallet in order of smallest to largest. If you found additional money, awesome!
  2. Change – Keep this change in your change jar/container.
  3. Gift Cards – (See #3 above)
  4. Receipts – (See #4 above)
  5. Other – Throw away any trash.
  6.  BONUS – Check the side pockets of your purse and clean out anything that is old, crusty or expired.  Keep “emergency” items (including mints and gum) in these pockets.
  7.  Hang that purse on a chair and keep it off the floor.

You did it! A+! You should be so proud of yourself.  And, when you’re out and about making a purchase you will feel fabulous knowing you can find what you need in a snap.

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