Breakfast is MORE Than Food

Read Time: 4-5 Minutes

Even on mornings when I’m not running out the door, I’m still holding a green smoothie in one hand and a coffee in the other.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not an authority on breakfast or nutrition.  However, I do know that we teachers have a very physical and very emotionally demanding job.  We’re on stage for 7+ hours each and every day.  It’s like we perform and interact with our audience.  Ever wear a pedometer (step tracker) during the day?  You’ll be amazed by how much you are walking and moving in your classroom.  So, I’m bringing up breakfast because this is your first NUTRITIOUS fuel of the day. You need quality food to sustain you until lunch.

When I first started teaching, I ate tons of bagels and light cream cheese (and coffee).  About an hour or so later, I was  hungry. Ravenous.  I ate breakfast so what happened? I brought healthy snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, rice cakes), but even peanut butter on a bagel was not enough as I whizzed around my classroom helping students, greeting them at the door and working on any other number of tasks. So, I did a little research.

I purchased the eBook, “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo (website) which gives insight into how your body works based on the blood that flows through your veins.  Based on his findings (and what I observed over the years), my body requires more protein than other people. Without time to scramble up some eggs, I had to find a better, quicker option that wasn’t a half a jar of peanuts (excellent protein, but high fat).  I needed my #teacherfuel.

Enter the green protein smoothie. You can blend one of these up in less than five (5) minutes with a few ingredients (proteins, greens, fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc.) and have a complete meal consumed on the way to work and finished when you arrive. (*I HIGHLY recommend trying this when you a have a few days off to let your body adjust.)

Garden of Life makes a great protein with pro-biotics which aids digestion even more (love this stuff).  Protein also helps you feel fuller longer since it digests slower.  I also add a few tablespoons of Collegan Hydrolysate which  is a great boost for hair, skin, nails, bones…did you know collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body?!?! So you can have the prowess of an athlete and the body of a supermodel in one drink.  That works for me!

Rethink your breakfast and wake up a few minutes early.  It will put more pep in your step and sizzle in your lessons.

Health 101

Drink Water Like A Camel

Read Time: 4-5 Minutes

If we were being completely honest, many teachers and in class support professionals would admit one thing that is common among our group (besides good looks and charm, of course!): dehydration. Since our use of the water closet (ah tres chic, oui?) is a planned operation, we tend to drink WAY less water than we should during the school day.  So, before I get into why we should (and really need to) drink more water, commit to improving your health by drinking more water when you can: before work (with enough time for a pit stop before leaving), after work and on the weekends/holidays.

So, what are the benefits of drinking water?

(Source: lifehack.org)

What does water actually do in the body?!?!

(Source: yournaturalhair.com)

So, do I actually follow my own advice?  Yes, I do.  When I awake in the morning, I drink 16 ounces of water and I have felt better during the day since I started this practice because I arrive at work hydrated.  ***I am not a doctor, so always seek medical advice before starting any time of health or wellness program.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Spring Break

Read time: 2-3 minutes.

It’s that time of year for teachers and students alike: SPRING BREAK!

As we teachers know, it’s time for us to retreat, regroup and rest.  One of the great things about spring break is what it signifies: change.  It’s a change of season.  It’s a change of marking period or semester.  It’s a change of clothing.  It’s a change of decor. Nothing makes the year feel more energized and refreshed than taking a hiatus (even for a little bit) and starting something new.

While at home, we need to take some serious down time.  Have you…

  • been wanting to take a walk outside and enjoy some fresh air?  Go for it!
  • been putting off a haircut or new pair of shoes?  Pamper yourself.
  • watched a cool cooking video on social media you’ve wanted to try but could not find time?  Mix it up.

Use this time to put yourself first!

The amazing things that makes you an outstanding teacher are not related to the content you teach but the hobbies and interests that you have outside the classroom.  Enjoy things you have been bookmarking, sharing and dreaming about.  Spring break is a time for you to appreciate your talents, gift and qualities that are separate and unique from your career.  Savor it and enjoy it.  You’ve earned it!